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    Foley with Celeste Selis

    Celeste Selis (aka Cels) is an italian sound engineer and sound designer with more than 8 years of experience in the field.She has been mentored by important Italian professionals like Andrea Pellegrini (Gavin Harrison, Chris Coleman, Jojo Mayer, etc.), Marco Lecci (Giorgia, Gianna Nannini, Chet Baker, etc.) and she is an Avid Certified User and working on the certification for Logic Pro X as well.

    She has been following many local bands in live concerts and she has worked in recording studios and many projects in Rome and Milan like “reconjuction” for Milano LUISS Hub (soundscapes of the most iconic places in Milan) or “follia” (an Oculus 360 video – Virtual Reality).In this Masterclass she is going to talk about foley: the art of making sound.This technique is widely used in movies, VR experiences, video games and sound design in general. The ultimate goal is to create the most realistic sound possible to allow the audience to have the best immersive experience.


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