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    Leslie Gaston-Bird

    Leslie Gaston-Bird (AMPS, M.P.S.E.) is author of the book Women in Audio, part of the AES Presents series and published by Focal Press (Routledge). She is a voting member of the Recording Academy. Currently, she is a freelance re-recording mixer and sound editor and owner of Mix Messiah Productions. Prior to that, she was a tenured Associate Professor of Recording Arts at the University of Colorado Denver (2005-2018) where she also served as Chair of the Department of Music and Entertainment Industry Studies. She led groups of Recording Arts students in study abroad courses in England, Germany, and Italy which included participation in AES Conventions.

    • Dr. Angela Dane lives in Seattle, Washington and teaches Women’s Studies at the local community college. She is the author of Sabina Spielrein: The Woman and the Myth and owns and operates the only female and black-owned drum studio in Seattle dedicated to empowering women through the drum kit, Atrocity Drums. Additionally, she is the drummer for the all-female heavy rock band Atrocity Girl, whose members are recording and engineering their own debut album through a self-built home studio.


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