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    Mix Like A Girl

    Caridad Espinosa is a music producer and sound engineer who started teaching virtual mixing lessons during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    But she noticed that when it came to suggesting “tutorial videos” or “reading material,” nothing worked as she expected with her students.

    She explains, “There lot of books about mixing, but most of them are way too technical for beginners to understand. Also, so many YouTube tutorials about these topics contradict each other, which can be overwhelming, especially for beginners. Oh, and by the way, after doing some research, I noticed that almost every single Recording or Mixing book was written by a man.”

    That is when her Mix Like A Girl idea popped up: She thought, “Let’s write a book, very simply explained, that contains exercises, tips and beginner friendly explanations about recording, mixing, beat making, and mastering.” Amazing female engineers will be collaborating with her on a few of the chapters, and her handbook will be the first book completely written, edited and designed by women for the express purpose of teaching mixing to audio students. A website will also be up and running to engage readers in lessons, exercises, and downloads for practice. Espinosa is running a GoFundMe campaign in her efforts to publish Mix Like a Girl and make it available to the public as soon as possible.

    You can book lessons with Caridad for one-on-one mixing lessons at caridad.espinosa95@gmail.com


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