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OK, who has used the Pultec-style Puigtec by Waves? Thoughts? Where do you use it, if you do? Any tips? 🧐 

Lilian Blair
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I use the Avid pro bundle pultec a lot. It's one of those things that can sound good on everything. I use it on vocals a lot, especially that high boost. 8k-12k and it adds a lot of sparkle and presence to the vocals. Makes them real up front. The low boost can add a lot of heft to whatever needs heft, and there's that cool boost/cut trick. The boost and the cut curve are different, so if you blend the two, around the same level, you get a nice bump at a particular frequency without any of the boominess you can easily get with a shallow slope shelf like the pultec. Try it on bass at 100Hz. You will have heard that sound before. The thing about pultecs, though, is that while they can sound good on everything, that doesn't mean you should use it on everything. It's a sonic enhancer, but can't do much to blend different sounds together, and given how broad the frequency range it affects is, you can end up losing everything you're doing because of frequency masking, and the effect of samesiness. One pultec will jump out and sound unique (like the Fairchild). A dozen pultecs won't sound like anything. 

-Lilian Blair
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