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    Chameleon Labs 7603 Review with Don Farwell, Earwig Studio

    The Chameleon Labs 7603 channel strip gives you Class A clean mic gain and British-sounding tone shaping at a project studio price. This rackmountable unit makes a great front end for your vocals, kick drum, or bass guitar, and also adds real analog thump and shimmer to your previously recorded takes – great for working out of the box. The 7603 is an update to Chameleon Labs’ first-ever product, the 7602, and it sounds better than ever thanks to discrete EQ op-amps, proprietary wound input and output transformers, and a custom internal power supply (no wall wart) to keep this unit running at its peak. Watch the entire review below!


    Don Farwell is a Seattle-based audio engineer and owner of Wallingford’s beloved Earwig Studio. Farwell got his start in the early 90s, honing his chops behind the board first at The Evergreen State College where he later earned his degree in Music Production. Don Farwell’s recording/producing philosophy is simple: be a thoughtful listener, create a comfortable recording environment, and then get out of the way. In each session, Farwell prioritizes trust and empowerment. He has deep empathy for how difficult it is to be a musician and when artists walk into Earwig, he wants them to feel they can drop their guard and pour themselves into recording. Though his focus is on chemistry and vibe, Farwell is a technical wizard and master editor. During his years working on analog tape, he learned to work very fast. This continued into the digital realm. You don’t have to look far to find evidence of this in glowing reviews on the internet and social media. Farwell believes in sharing his knowledge and expertise. He teaches workshops to support artists as well as aspiring engineers in learning recording skills of their own. Earwig is also an inclusive space with Farwell actively working to recruit assistant engineers who are underrepresented in audio engineering (LGBTQ, Women, People of Color, etc.).

    Don Farwell, Earwig Studio in Seattlee



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